A prequel to a Local Brew Crawl

Me and the Mrs live in a Bay Area town that is just getting started in the craft brew scene, and we could not be more excited. There is nothing like drinking a good beer WHILE supporting people in your own community. More to come on that later (future post).

As we visit each local brew house, I’ve been taking mental notes of the logos and branding. I like all that I have seen, but I decided to challenge myself to “rebrand” after I visit. So, I thought this would be a good place to share a couple I’ve done. Just FYI, I don’t have any issues with the logos and branding I’ve seen at my local breweries; this is just my way of having fun. Honestly, I secretly wish I could do branding for a beer company … someday.

First up is Eight Bridges Brewing Company. We went to their soft opening, and from what we’ve seen, they’re going to have an awesome tasting room and cool overall vibe. Paired with a great staff and good beer, they are definitely going to do well here in our community. Here is my rendition of their logo:

Eight Bridges-01

Next up is Working Man Brewing Company. I had the pleasure of trying out their brews just the other day. They had 9 different ones on tap. Their stout is a must-try.¬†One huge, personal, perk? They provided pretzels for my snacking pleasure. You know what they say, “If you give a man pretzels and beer he’s your friend for life!” – or something like that. Here is my rendition of their logo:

Working Man-01

Well, there you have it, my own version of a logo challenge, combining two of my favorite things: beer and design! Hope you like them!

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