Baby Status: Chicken Wing

A letter to my little chicken wing,

We had another appointment a few weeks ago and we got to hear your heartbeat, for like a second. Thanks for cooperating. Then we saw you on a screen practicing for what I am assuming will be your olympic gymnastic career. Our next appointment will be a little different. We’ll get to find out your gender… but until that day comes we’ll just refer to you as “Chicken Wing.”


Why chicken wing? Well… thinking through the different names we’ve heard, like “bean,” “peanut,” or “egg,” etc., we knew we had to give you a nickname after food. Not only do your mom and dad love eating chicken wings, it just sounds like a nickname we’d give to someone. So, boom – “Chicken Wing” you became. One thing you should be used to eating by the time you get here will be chicken wings – and other BBQed or smoked foods (if I have anything to do about it!). Smoking and BBQing meats is a skill I hope to master, and I plan to pass the knowledge on to you one day – regardless if you’re a girl or boy. Love you Chicken Wing.


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