My Wife = Running Rockstar

Well, months ago when my wife asked if she could run the first annual Livermore Half Marathon I did not have to think twice before I responded yes in my awesome husband way, “Yes. AHHHH DOOY.”

I know some people will sign up with good intentions but never make it to race day. Not my wife. No way. Even if she did not train (she did) she would have shown up and gave it her all. That is why I will always support one of her favorite things to do. Running. She set a goal to beat her last half marathon time and committed and trained for it.

(spoiler: she did it.)

The day before was fun. We went downtown and picked up her bib and got her sweet shirt(not pictured).

photo 1

So we hung out downtown and carbo loaded. It involved a trip to Tap 25 and the Alehouse for some delicious drinks and eats. The next morning my wife and sister got ready and waited to run.

photo 2

As they took off I posted up at Peets with the family and waited to try to get a good shot of the 2 at the start of the race before the finished. I kind of got one (JENN LOOK OVER HERE!)…

photo 3

Rach shaved 9mins for her time and set her PR (personal record).

photo 5 photo 4

Very proud of these 2 ladies and what they accomplished. I have a hard enough time running one mile. I can’t imagine running 13.1!!! Way to go ladies. Way. To. Go. Clap. Clap.