Giants Fan: Opening Day

I am a Giants fan, but I don’t remember stats, follow players in the off season, or remember random baseball history facts. I live each season and then thats it. I would love to be better fan but my brain just does not hold and retain that kind of information I wish it was built that way and I am always impressed by people who can.

To balance that, I watch as many games in the season as I can, wear Giants gear, attempt to keep up with their twitter feed, and I treat opening day as a holiday. I do have one tradition. Every new season I buy one piece of Giants gear to start the season. This year the season started for me when I found this hat.

Prior to getting this hat I had a plan to kick of opening day because it landed on my day off AND was an afternoon game. My plan was to wake up at 5am and smoke pork for lunch and have pulled pork sliders. Here are some photos from that day.