Parenting 101

I have been a Dad for 5 months now so I am a bit of an expert on this whole parenting gig… HA JK. I have been thinking lately about others who write “advice” blogs or freely (and aggressively) give new parents advice about how to handle, or what is going on with, their kid. I don’t want this post to be that. Instead I am just going to share a couple of things that I have observed so far as I am learning to be a parent. ***Cracks Fingers*** SO HERE WE GO!

Listen to advice. Just listen. There is no harm in listening to someone give advice. But here’s the thing, if you’re going to give me advice when I didn’t ask for it, there is a good chance my brain will start thinking about a good strategy for the level of Two Dots I am stuck on. I will always listen to advice, good or bad – but it doesn’t mean I’ll heed it. Ultimately we are the parents, we know our child better than anyone, so we will just go with our gut.

Get the child use to your life style. No one should become a hermit; we all need to see the light of day. We were holed up in the hospital for the first three days of Harper’s life. That was awful. So when we got home, we made sure to get outside and introduce Harper to our life. Yes, parts of our life changed (for the better), but we wanted to introduce our daughter to restaurants and noises and fresh air from the beginning, so we did it. And guess what? Not only is Harper fine, we’re happy we started early because now she loves walks downtown and trips to Target.


Noise is A-OK. When our kid is sleeping we try to make normal noise. Don’t get me wrong, just because she is sleeping does not mean it is time to shred on the acoustic guitar or make drums out of the pots and pans. Getting our kid used to normal house noises during nap times like dishes, doors shutting, the tv, talking at a normal volume was a little work in the beginning, but it’s worth it in the long run. We should not have to shut down just because she is – unless we want to sleep (NAPS and early bedtimes ARE THE BEST).


Cold coffee. Cold Dinner. I don’t care how hard I try, my coffee will get cold. My artisanal meal, that I spent time creating and crafting from the nether regions of my brain, will be cold most of the time when I finally get to eat it. I got over it eventually. The microwave exists for a reason and now I truly understand its purpose.

Becoming A Morning Person. I was never really a morning person, but I sure am now. It’s no secret why I get more stuff done before my daughter wakes up. Really, I can get dishes, laundry, house clutter and the dog all done before the sun even rises. It’s a gift, really.

Let’s get the eff outta here.  Sometimes our kid can’t hang. Babies are people too and sometimes they have days. We may be having a nice time at our sushi lunch when suddenly we have to ask for a t0-go box and throw money at the waiter as we head out the door to go home. Honestly, sometimes we have not even left the house yet and we have to ro-sham-bo to see who stays home and who gets the joyful bliss of a silent car ride to the store. (most of the time it is Rachel, cause I am hella cool like that.)

Baby farts. Holy crap. I had no idea something so small could make a man-sized noise like that. INCREDIBLE. Just wow.

The freakin sleep question. Did you know that you all ask the same question? I am having a hard time getting used to answering this one question EVERY TIME I see someone, “Oh, hey are you sleeping at all?!?? Hahahaha!!!” There are only three possible answers to this question. Let me list them for you here:

  1. If your child is a “horrible sleeper,” you are exhausted and you will rage on anyone who asks this.
  2. If your child is a “normal sleeper,” you are still probably tired. You will just get annoyed answering this question cause like “duh, we have a baby.”
  3. If your child is an “amazing sleeper,” you are still allowed to be tired and lets face it, you are. In your head you will say “why do people ask this question?”

Who has two thumbs and is now quite handy? This Guy.

Well if there’s something that will make you feel like a dad (besides having a kid), it’s moving things around, painting, fixing, and getting your child’s room ready for their arrival. As we started getting our daughter’s room ready, I quickly learned that I needed to keep my tools accessible and ready to go. So, I got a tool bag together full of anything and everything I’d possibly need so I wouldn’t have to make a million trips downstairs to the garage for forgotten items. I call this tool bag my ‘dad bag’.

dad bag

The bag holds lots of great things like, a drill, drill bits, hammer, level (very important), tape measure, a pencil, some screw drivers and other odds and ends. There’s even more in it now since this picture was taken.

After clearing out the room, hanging guitars in our hallway (we have way too many) and throwing a ton of stuff away (I’m still amazed at how much stuff we had in there), it was time to paint. A few weeks ago we visited Home Depot to pick out the colors we wanted. We chose grey and white, neutral colors that would lend themselves well to Rachel’s favorite accent colors. Then, the real work began. I taped everything off and started painting like a mad man. No really, see…

mad man

It only took a day or two to paint my daughter’s room and I’m pretty happy with the results, if I do say so myself. After brand new paint, we bought curtains and a new curtain rod and now we don’t even recognize the room anymore. Once we have a crib in place along with a couple of art pieces I am working, on I will post a little gallery of her room. Here’s a quick shot to tide you over until then.


Sweetie. I hope you love your room as much as we do.

– Love Dad

Baby Status: Chicken Wing

A letter to my little chicken wing,

We had another appointment a few weeks ago and we got to hear your heartbeat, for like a second. Thanks for cooperating. Then we saw you on a screen practicing for what I am assuming will be your olympic gymnastic career. Our next appointment will be a little different. We’ll get to find out your gender… but until that day comes we’ll just refer to you as “Chicken Wing.”


Why chicken wing? Well… thinking through the different names we’ve heard, like “bean,” “peanut,” or “egg,” etc., we knew we had to give you a nickname after food. Not only do your mom and dad love eating chicken wings, it just sounds like a nickname we’d give to someone. So, boom – “Chicken Wing” you became. One thing you should be used to eating by the time you get here will be chicken wings – and other BBQed or smoked foods (if I have anything to do about it!). Smoking and BBQing meats is a skill I hope to master, and I plan to pass the knowledge on to you one day – regardless if you’re a girl or boy. Love you Chicken Wing.


Well. I’m going to be a dad.

As you may have seen via Instagram or Facebook we are expecting our first child in July. We are beyond excited.



As we continue on our adventure to becoming parents I have decided to write on this blog a bit more. My hope is that it does not stop after this post. My wife is a way better writer/story teller than I am so I would check out her blog as well (

Other than announcing that we are going to have a kid in July, I decided that in this post I would also like to write about the mental notes I am taking as I journey closer to being a father. These are things I plan to teach our child as they grow up.

I would like to call this session:

Lesson 1: Don’t go to the store hungry. If you choose to ignore this lesson (lets face it, you are your mother’s child you won’t take this to heart) you will walk into the store to buy a three dollar bottle of BBQ sauce and walk out with $50 worth of ‘car snacks’ which you will devour on your way home. It’s just science.

Lesson 2: Please please please, I repeat PLEASE let me show you how to use the self-checkout (CAUTION: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ON YOUR OWN). The other day I witnessed a young girl, I will say high school age, attempt to pay in cash at one of these self-checkouts. I say attempt because she was trying to put the total amount of money in to the machine, as in two 5 dollar bills and two 1 dollar bills. She was getting quite frustrated when it kept spitting the money out at her and the light was flashing red. ONE BILL AT A TIME, I don’t want you to be that person.

Lesson 3: Coupons. READ THE FINE PRINT. Just because you have five 20% off coupons does not mean you will get that item for 100% off. If that was true I would be on one of those extreme couponing shows on TLC.

Lesson 4: You and your cart do not need to block half an aisle while you decide if you want Captain Crunch or Lucky Charms (just get Honey Nut Cherrios). Be aware of the other people in the aisle with you, because you and your cart are not see-through; just step out of the way.

Lets start with this for now and once you have mastered these lessons I can teach you how to move around in Costco on a Sunday and/or buy only what you want to when you go to Target.