The Adventures of Jae & Trae: Drumsticks

As we were discussing what to smoke next Trae made a great point. Sunday was going to be Super Bowl Sunday. I had to be reminded of this since I do not follow football, like at all. What the Super Bowl means to me is I am one step closer to baseball season. Wanting to […]

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The Adventures of Jae & Trae: Salmon

Normally me and Trae love beef or pork but every now and the we venture out and try something new. After a lot of arguing about price point and what was available we landed on salmon. We decided to try a recipe found over at Traeger. To start brine your salmon in a mixture of brown […]

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The Adventures of Jae & Trae: 3.2.1 Ribs

Well we are back from another fun outing. We were hanging out and I was like, “Hey Trae! What do you want to do today?” Well He reminded me that my dad had bought me two full racks of St Louis style ribs, so looks like ribs were on the menu. After a few web […]

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