Who has two thumbs and is now quite handy? This Guy.

Well if there’s something that will make you feel like a dad (besides having a kid), it’s moving things around, painting, fixing, and getting your child’s room ready for their arrival. As we started getting our daughter’s room ready, I quickly learned that I needed to keep my tools accessible and ready to go. So, I got […]

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Baby Status: Chicken Wing

A letter to my little chicken wing, We had another appointment a few weeks ago and we got to hear your heartbeat, for like a second. Thanks for cooperating. Then we saw you on a screen practicing for what I am assuming will be your olympic gymnastic career. Our next appointment will be a little […]

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Well. I’m going to be a dad.

As you may have seen via Instagram or Facebook we are expecting our first child in July. We are beyond excited.   As we continue on our adventure to becoming parents I have decided to write on this blog a bit more. My hope is that it does not stop after this post. My wife […]

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