Who has two thumbs and is now quite handy? This Guy.

Well if there’s something that will make you feel like a dad (besides having a kid), it’s moving things around, painting, fixing, and getting your child’s room ready for their arrival. As we started getting our daughter’s room ready, I quickly learned that I needed to keep my tools accessible and ready to go. So, I got a tool bag together full of anything and everything I’d possibly need so I wouldn’t have to make a million trips downstairs to the garage for forgotten items. I call this tool bag my ‘dad bag’.

dad bag

The bag holds lots of great things like, a drill, drill bits, hammer, level (very important), tape measure, a pencil, some screw drivers and other odds and ends. There’s even more in it now since this picture was taken.

After clearing out the room, hanging guitars in our hallway (we have way too many) and throwing a ton of stuff away (I’m still amazed at how much stuff we had in there), it was time to paint. A few weeks ago we visited Home Depot to pick out the colors we wanted. We chose grey and white, neutral colors that would lend themselves well to Rachel’s favorite accent colors. Then, the real work began. I taped everything off and started painting like a mad man. No really, see…

mad man

It only took a day or two to paint my daughter’s room and I’m pretty happy with the results, if I do say so myself. After brand new paint, we bought curtains and a new curtain rod and now we don’t even recognize the room anymore. Once we have a crib in place along with a couple of art pieces I am working, on I will post a little gallery of her room. Here’s a quick shot to tide you over until then.


Sweetie. I hope you love your room as much as we do.

– Love Dad

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